Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty Discounts:

At SkyBlue Vaping our loyal customers are important to us and we would like to reward them where it benefis them most - in their pockets.


No loyalty points to accrue and spend, no confusing checkout boxes, everything is automatically done for you.

As you spend and your total amount racks up, we automatically upgrade you to a higher level of VIP Status and this comes with automatic discounts on all products. These discounts even apply to products that are already on special!

See below for the different levels of membership and the rewards that go with it:


White membership

This is the default membership level that everyone is assigned to when they join. 

Once you open an account with us, you have White membership by default with no built in discounts 

As you spend your benefits will increase, with discounts getting progressively higher as your total amount on your orders start to add up:


Bronze membership

Total amount spent of R5 000 automatically upgrades you to a Bronze membership 

and you get 5% off on all your orders from then on.



Silver Membership

Total amount spent of R10 000 automatically upgrades you to a Silver membership 

and you get 10% off on all your orders from then on.



Gold Membership

Total amount spent of R20 000 automatically upgrades you to a VIP Gold membership customer and you get 15% off on all your orders from then on. Vip Gold membership customers also get first pick on new stock - you will be able to see stock the day before anyone else sees it. You will be notified in advance of your special Gold shopping day via e-mail.



Upgrades are only determined once orders are completed. So if your total amount for an order takes you to the next level, you will only be upgraded once that particular order is complete

Note that loyalty discounts only apply to online purchases through the website and only online purchases go towards the loyalty total

If you have any questions about loyalty discounts please contact us at Admin@SkyBlueVaping.co.za